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Member since: September 9, 2010
Last visit: April 4, 2011
Name: kimi
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Location: Kiel
Country: Germany
Fav. BEP: Taboo
Fav. Song: Bebot
Fav. Video: Where is the Love
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in denmark:D

in denmark:D

Published on: 11/26/2010

cool fergie:D

cool fergie:D

Published on: 11/22/2010



Published on: 11/22/2010

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09/29/11 @895
05/31/11 @823
Kimi? ... are you OK? .. you wasn't here for a long time ... i miss you =( ...
04/07/11 @708
Oh my Kimi I missed you SO much! >.< whats up? how are you? what the hell you did?!? 8o I was worry :?

NO NO NOOO you should go! it's your chance to go there and see the peas again! you had to save some money and think to go but buu Im sad for this :( How much it costs?
however I still don't know the date of Italy cuz the peas still don't give us it =/ I wish they will say it soon!!

really? like what? here in Italy if you are 14 years is like to be 13 or 12 |( nothing change, I wish I can be 15 SOON!

yep I know :( I have also a friend there and he doesnt reply me from more of 1 week and Im more then worry that is happening smth bad to him! People in Japan dont deserve it :( and thinking that the peas were there just right one week before the disaster! 8o think at the consequences...I dont wanna imagine :?

uh uhhhh?? :o both them? are you crazy? they are both difficult for me and I hate them both |(

Sweden *.* cool, seems yea cool I hope you will have fun! :) yes, I think I will go to holidays in July/August but always in Italy, my parents dont like (more my dad) to go in another country for vacations pppfff
& I have news...I will buy a pair of Fergie shoes! *.* Im just in love with them all but I have to buy at least ooooneee!! and my mum wants but Im worry about what think my dad...I hope he wants!

baciii <3
03/04/11 @547
:o :o :o are u Kimi??
gosh, I undertsand you, we're at the end of the year which is the most important part of the year so dont worry, do your tests and after, when you'll be free for me there wont be problems! :)
and I never heard about these test here in Italy, maybe here they're call INVALSI and not with those names!

aahh aahah and finally you will have my age! lol
dwgdwluifhwg WHAAAAAT???? OMG congraaaats!!!! :o Im proud for you! say hello to him from me and say that he choose the best girl in the whole Germany! :p
and hey, there will be a concert there in Germany, will you go there??? :o
aah me, always bad, sick and with temperature, Im so weird! 8o
dont worry for the pic, I still dont know if I'll do my video.

baci&kusschen <3
03/01/11 @910
hey mir gehts super !! mein valentinstag ? naja emm ich war krank und lag im bett ;) aber ich hätte eh grad niemand gehabt , wow echt sweet hast aber glück gehabt
ja ich weiß das mit dem dienstag ist echt ein sch*** und naja zum glück ist düsseldorf nicht so weit weg bei mir (naja wie mans nimmt 3h aber egal)
bin echt froh das ich darf und wow ich hab meinen dad echt angettelt durfte ja nicht zum letzten also hatten sie was gut bei mir
was machst du in den ferien ?
02/28/11 @021
Hi!!!! <3 ...
i was a bit afraid about you ... i didn't get a message by you a long time and waited .. =D ...
I'm super! i won ticket on Kylie Minogue's concert so on Wednesday i'm going to Prague and we've got a holidays so ... i'm having a good time =) ... what about you???

we've got a tests too, fortunately, we've got spring holidays (as i said) ... but next week, when school going to start again we're going to write much more tests so i'm a bit stressed of this ...

Unfortunately, BEP's concert isn't in czech republic i checked information about concert in Düsseldorf cuz i though that i'll can go there but it's too far and i thing that tickets are a bit expensive too .... but if the BEP's concert will be in Berlin i think that i could go there =) ...

I didn't celebrate Valentine's day cuz i'm single =( ... but i'm happy for YOU ... good luck to you and Ur boyfriend =) ... how long are you together ? ...

Peas'n'Love from Czech Republic ..
Martina <3333

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